Peaceful Present Parenting

A guide for Inner Peace & Parenting

Who Am I ?

I am a woman, daughter, sister, wife, friend, mother and a student of life and healing.

My healing journey really began with my fertility journey. With challenges conceiving I was guided to reach out for support and was started on my path of inner exploration and healing. This led me to find a community of conscious individuals who have walked by my side as compassionate witnesses and support throughout my healing journey. This community has been a space where I can open up and go deeper into my healing feeling safe and held without judgement. So much profound healing can come from having a community that witnesses and holds loving space for each other.

It seemed now that I was ready and wanting to be a mother that's all I'd see around me. It felt like I would see every pregnant woman in the city as I was walking this journey. All my friends were having children. I worked with pregnant and new moms daily. All of this was a painful reminder of my challenges. I often would sit and wonder what was wrong with me, my body and what had I done to deserve such struggle. There were many times I'd be so angry with my infertility that I would judge clients who to me seemed ungrateful for the miracle they had.

I saw the value of healing in community and witnessing each other’s breakdowns and breakthroughs I really started to trust the process and honour my own path of healing in relationship with Self. I kept going deeper and deeper into myself. Reconnecting to my heart, intuition, inner knowing and trust that all this was purposeful and playing out exactly as it was meant to.

Looking back, my fertility was an extremely challenging journey but I hold so much gratitude for it. There was so much deep healing that occurred and a shift back into my heart that I am forever grateful for. This healing deepened my connection to myself and the two amazing boys that chose me to be their mother. These boys arrived through the guidance of IVF.

I remember experiencing so much fear around if IVF will be successful and if the babies once pregnant would be healthy. I was able to lessen this tight grip of fear with supported coaching and continued healing during pregnancy. When there was doubt I'd try to become still and reconnect with my heart and listen.

All I wanted and still want to this day is to be the best mother I can be to my boys.

I always had this image that I would be "the cool, fun, hip mom". Able to go with the flow and just have fun all of the time.
Never did I realize my healing journey would continue so strongly as I walked my parenting path.

I am a Public Health Nurse by trade. I work with moms, babies and young children.
I provide support through the postpartum period and into young childhood. I support them with feeding, sleep, behaviour, child development and parenting. So with all my education and knowledge I thought I had this thing called parenting locked down. Well, that has not always been the case.

My love for my boys runs deep. So deep, I used to think being available, like really available - pretty much like every second of the day was best for us all. I learned (and teach) that this is NOT the case. After looking within and doing some inner work I started to embrace the importance of healthy boundaries. That's when I was finally able to set a boundary that I never thought would be needing to be set....private bathroom time !! Yes, you read that correctly - I had finally expressed "When the bathroom door is closed, it's privacy time - or as we call it priv's".

It took some time getting them used to this and they still do need some reminders but wow does it feel nice to know I can get a few minutes of alone time even if it is in the bathroom.

As I walk my parenting journey I see so much continued inner growth.

I see there is another way than just down a worm hole of worry, fear, shame, guilt and a need for control.

I have come to Stop, Breath and Respond more and more, where as I used to just react. I used to think I shouldn't show any "negative" emotions, but again as I grow and become more trusting that I can show all range of emotions and demonstrate healthy ways of expression.

Through looking inward and doing my own healing I have become open to fully be present with the boys when they are expressing their challenges and difficult emotions. I am now able to sit with them, hold space and continue to send love through these challenges. This has allowed them to be comfortable and feel safe to express any and all emotions rather then hold back and let fester.

I could not have gotten to where I am and still growing without support and my own willingness/commitment to inner healing and leaving no stone unturned. My commitment to myself guided me to Heart Led Living- Intuition Academy and becoming a Certified Intuitive Coach. I am so willing to keep healing so I can become even more of the peaceful present parent/person I had always imagined I'd be.

"If it takes a village to raise a child. It takes a village to support that child's parent" - Ann Douglas

I would be honoured to be a part of your village and a compassionate witness to your journey to becoming a peaceful present parent.

Kirsten Jorgensen

Intuitive Parenting Coach