Peaceful Present Parenting

A guide for Inner Peace & Parenting

Intuitive Coaching for Parents offers a safe space to express, explore, share and heal.

If you are looking for support with parenting or everyday life, I am here to hold space for you.

As a Public Health Nurse, I bring my knowledge of the prenatal period through early postpartum and into young childhood.

As an intuitive coach I am open and present to bringing the tools, insights, and guidance to help you fill in the gaps in your own personal journey and parenting manual.

During our one-to-one sessions I will share tools that empower you to:

• Explore and expose your hidden blocks that prevent peaceful parenting

• Navigate and hold steady in the middle of your child’s emotional storms

• Maintain a sense of inner peace in the chaos

• Align with your inner knowing and trust your intuition to guide you in each moment

If you are ready to let go of control without everything falling apart book a session today and let me be your guide to peaceful parenting.

One to one sessions are offered by telephone, WhatsApp or FaceTime audio. 

Sessions are 30 - 40 min. Your investment is $80 CAD.